Intercultural Challenges

NETWORKING      or      ‘finding your feet’


“We know each other and we help each other”



This is a quick way of explaining 'networking' by former German Bundeskanzler Konrad Adenauer.


Networking means:

to set up, support, and take advantage of a system of 'links' or 'contacts'. Once introduced to each other the contacts keep the network working.


People who are doing networking accept the rule: I support you, you support me I need you and you need me......It's fair play on both sides.


Networking means never giving up. You may, for example, have applied for a job, but you weren't successful. You may think... 'I had no chance' but you could think... 'Who can help me!'


Networking is the new magic word,
but it is as old as mankind.


Networking is a structure built on special relationships between people who exchange information, support and resources.


Good networkers are curious about people and show interest in them, find similarities between people who have the same goals and help 'connect the links'.


To be a successful networker you need concrete goals and you have to make them visible to others!!!


I will help you to find your goals - I will help you to create your network


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